Greetings! We are currently putting on hold the "Contribute" section of the FPI's while we work on this platform as well as a toolkit to assist in holding local and community FPI Conversations. Near the end of 2021, we will make an announcement around the toolkit and re-animate this Contribute section.
Our team is also caring for ourselves, our collective and our local communities, in these times of Covid19 complexities and exhaustion.
Thank you!


Here’s how you can get involved with the Feminist Principles of the Internet!

  • Contribute to a Principle
  • Host a City Conversation
  • Translate the FPIs or a Resource

Contribute to a Principle

A Feminist internet is built through aggregating our collective and individual experiences. You can contribute multimedia resources, stories, ideas, actions to Principles of your choosing.

1. Register for a user account.

2. Click on a Principle. Under Resources there will be a button titled ‘Contribute a Resource.’ You can also click here. From there, follow these steps:

  • Add a title for your resource
  • Select a Principle Cluster
  • Select specific Principle
  • Select resource type
  • Upload an image (e.g. book cover, logo, other relevant visuals)
  • Write a short description of the resource
  • Add any relevant links (e.g. video link, link to purchase, author website, PDF link, download link)
  • You can also attach files and tag your resource to provide more contextual information
  • Click Save

3. Your resource will then appear under Resources in the relevant Principle page. It will also appear in the website sidebar under Latest Resources.

4. Please feel free to contribute in the language of your choice.

Check out our video below for a step-by-step guide on how to register for a user account and start contributing resources. English and Spanish captions available by clicking CC in the bottom right corner of the media player.

Host a City Conversation

City Conversations are one-day exchanges held in partnership with local organisations to discuss, expand, and localise the FPIs. The exchanges can be informal and at whatever scale you feel comfortable with.

Goals of a City Conversation:

  • Mapping the relevance of the FPIs to your work and context, which feeds back and informs deeper articulations of the FPIs and ensures the FPIs respond to many kinds of local contexts
  • Building cross-movement interaction between sexual rights, women's rights, and internet rights activists
  • Strengthening participation in internet policy processes, as well as deepen discussions specifically around privacy, the right to information, and freedom of expression from a feminist and gender justice perspective

You can see past FPI-related events on our Events page. You can also check out all past City Conversations in one place.

Translate the FPIs or a Resource

The FPIs are meant to respond to many contexts and should therefore be outlined in many different languages. Multiple volunteers have contributed translations of the FPIs in multiple languages, available on our Download page. We are always looking for more volunteers to produce translations into languages not yet on the list, or translations of any of the resources available on this website.