Movement Building

The internet is a transformative political space. It facilitates new forms of citizenship that enable individuals to claim, construct and express selves, genders and sexualities. This includes connecting across territories, demanding accountability and transparency, and creating opportunities for sustained feminist movement building.

Background : 

For nearly two decades, feminist activists have claimed and used the extraordinary opportunities offered by the internet for resistance, counter-narratives and movement building. Internet technologies are increasingly embedded into the landscape of our organising, movement building and our politics of engagement. Feminist campaigns incorporate online and offline actions acknowledging the need for permeability between the two, recognising the complicated, gendered nature of access. And at the same time realising the embodiment of the digital. The internet opens spaces for engagement between movements and linking intersectional struggles. We are witnessing how digital and networked technologies are stitched into every layer of personal, social, cultural, economic and political life in an increasingly data-driven world. The digital landscape has a growing impact on feminist, women’s rights, sexual rights and intersectional movement building work. The internet as a site of resistance forms part of a continuum of our resistance in other spaces. Recognising that both governments and the private sector are increasingly successful in the colonisation of the logic, materiality and culture of the internet, internet governance is a critical site of engagement for feminists and queers. Feminists are challenging the patriarchal control of internet governance spaces through visibility at decision-making tables and advocating to privilege gender issues at internet governance forums.

Principle In Action : 
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