We are committed to interrogating the capitalist logic that drives technology towards further privatisation, profit and corporate control. We work to create alternative forms of economic power that are grounded in principles of cooperation, solidarity, commons, environmental sustainability, and openness.


Big capital is on a mission to fully control how we experience the internet - from forging our online shopping to selling our data for advertising and from owning our creative outputs to completely shifting job skills and labor relations. The exploitation of our labor in these new economies happens in both blatant and insidious ways. Corporations redefining the service economy take a cut of people's paid work without providing benefits like health insurance or pension or sick leave. Data-driven corporations morph us into "produsers" of social media. Start up culture encourages young people to think of the internet as individually-driven by entrepreneurs who must make money off people's communications.

At the same time, we are presented with amazing opportunities for resistance and to use the network for building cooperative economies based on freedom, sharing, and collaboration. is a platform for crowdfunding social & open initiatives for the commons, with a commitment to social change, to supporting the self-management and self-organization of individual initiatives (crowdfunding) as well as the citizens who want to support them, but also to financing tools combining citizen participation and public money (matchfunding).