Women and queer persons have the right to code, design, adapt and critically and sustainably use ICTs and reclaim technology as a platform for creativity and expression, as well as to challenge the cultures of sexism and discrimination in all spaces.


While unfettered access to the internet is a crucial part of our struggle, it is not enough. We have to also work on empowered access where women are not merely users of the internet but producers as well: coders, designers, bloggers, creators. The gendered barriers are clear - same as any barriers women face in a male-dominated realm. And so we support the initiatives that invite women and young girls to explore technology as a space of creation they can bend to their imagination. 

TakeBacktheTech started a deck of playing cards reflecting women's contributions to ICTs, equal access, internet governance, STEM education, digital content creation, women's rights around technology, freedom of expression, violence prevention and more. Create a card in honour of a pioneering woman from your part of the world!