Open source

We are committed to creating and experimenting with technology, including digital safety and security, and using free/libre and open source software (FLOSS), tools, and platforms. Promoting, disseminating, and sharing knowledge about the use of FLOSS is central to our praxis.


Free and open source technology means transparency in code and function of the services we are using. As feminists, we must promote open source usage in our movements and activist spaces - as well as contribute to the building of the code - in order to protect our data and communications. Big brands have convinced us that the only safe and good-quality options for email or design or document processing or organizing online. But that's simply not true. Liberating tech and making it accessible, open, and secure as default is a central part our activism. 

Chido Musodza is a digital security trainer with Digital Society of Zimbabwe (DSZ). Her specialty is in the translation of open source applications from English to Shona, one of Zimbabwe’s local languages. Chido is also with Radio Voice of the People, a national radio station that broadcasts via satellite; and podcasts, and distributes information via website and social media.

Migrating to secure, open-source software can be a lonely experience. So encourage your networks of activists or friends to migrate together and experiment with alternative apps and platforms that uphold secure standards and take privacy seriously. Try out services like Signal or Wire instead of other mobile messaging apps.