17. Online Violence

We call on all internet stakeholders, including internet users, policy makers and the private sector, to address the issue of online harassment and technology-related violence. The attacks, threats, intimidation and policing experienced by women and queers are real, harmful and alarming, and are part of the broader issue of gender-based violence. It is our collective responsibility to address and end this.

Background Reading

Technology-related violence against women - such as cyberstalking, harassment and misogynist speech - encompasses acts of gender-based violence that are committed, abetted or aggravated, in part or fully, by the use of information and communication technologies (ICTs), such as phones, the internet, social media platforms, and email. Technology-related violence against women is part of the same continuum as violence against women offline.

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Social media is ushering in a new era of mobilizing for social change: it is a promosing tool for spreading feminist discourse. Examples abound. A global wave of awareness and action on violence against women (VAW) is emerging from campaigns such as #EverydaySexism, #UrgentAction4Women and #EndFMG (female genital mutilation), opening new opportunities for feminis movement building.