We call on all internet stakeholders, including internet users, policy makers and the private sector, to address the issue of online harassment and technology-related violence. The attacks, threats, intimidation and policing experienced by women and queers are real, harmful and alarming, and are part of the broader issue of gender-based violence. It is our collective responsibility to address and end this.

Background : 

Technology-related violence against women - such as cyberstalking, harassment and misogynist speech - encompasses acts of gender-based violence that are committed, abetted or aggravated, in part or fully, by the use of information and communication technologies (ICTs), such as phones, the internet, social media platforms, and email. It's part of the same continuum as violence against women offline. The issue's been gaining a lot of traction recently, as more and more women from around the world document and share their stories of surviving a myriad of violent attacks online. We need to work with a variety of stakeholders to better address this issue including lawmakers, corporations, feminist movements, and the technical community.  

Principle In Action : 
  • Research

    Browse through the findings of a 3-year research on corporate and legal remedies for tech-related violence against women.

  • Take Back the Tech is a campaign that uses technology to end violence against women. The website is full of resources, toolkits, campaign material, and explainers that you can adapt to launch a similar campaign in your community.

  • Training Kit

    The training kit on ending online violence against women online is easily accessible for you to share, present, and train others in your community.