Frequently Asked Questions

Downloading the Feminist Principles of the Internet:

You can download the FPI as a PDF file, available in different languages, from our Downloads page.

Download the first version of the Feminist Principles of the Internet:

Version 1.0 of the Feminist Principles of the Internet was published in August 2014 and is available online and as a PDF download.

Principles in multiple languages:

The FPI are available (as a PDF document) in multiple languages including Arabic, Bosnian, English, Hindi, and Spanish. We are constantly looking for more translations of the FPI as well as resources in non-English languages. While the interface of this website is in English, we welcome contributions in all languages as we want the conversations around the FPI to be as accessible, relevant, and comprehensive as possible.

Suggest a new principle:

The FPI are meant to be dynamic and we hope to keep them relevant and current. If you have suggestions for new Principles or amendments to the ones that already exist, please contact us to start a conversation.

Contributing to the Feminist Principles of the Internet and/or collaborating with others:

Do check out our Contribute page on the different ways you can add to the conversation. If you have ideas or suggestions that aren't covered there, contact us.

Hosting a city conversation:

If you're interested in hosting a conversation on the FPI in your city, do send us an email to see how APC can collaborate with and/or support you. All city conversations are published on the site on our Events page.