The Feminist Principles of the Internet are a set of statements that together provide a framework for women's movements to articulate and explore issues related to technology. They offer a gender and sexual rights lens on critical internet-related rights.

The principles were drafted at the first "Imagine a Feminist Internet" meeting that took place in Malaysia in April 2014. The meeting was organised by the Association for Progressive Communications and brought together 50 activists and advocates working in sexual rights, women’s rights, VAW, and internet rights. It was designed as an adapted open space, where topics were identified, prioritised, and discussed collectively. A group of volunteers from the meeting drafted the first version 1.0 of the principles. This was then subsequently brought to different workshops and events, local and global, and then back to the 2nd "Imagine a Feminist Internet" meeting in July 2015, where a new group of 40 activists discussed, elaborated, and revised the set of principles. The new version was published online on this website in August 2016.